Posted by: seattlelogogogue | January 16, 2009

Small Business Strategy: Fundamentals of Success for Owners

Planning for success means having a clear vision supported by a dynamic strategic framework, built on ethical precepts and empirical analysis.

Many small businesses are owned and operated by passionate people who have a clear and intuitive understanding of their industry. They are often experts carving out a niche in the market. Unfortunately, they rarely also possess specialized knowledge about how to run the many facets of the business aspect of business.

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  1. So many businesses fail not due to lack of experience, passion, or knowledge. If they didn’t have the heart or ability to start the business it would never have gotten off the ground. Most businesses fail due to lack of simple business and money mangement skills. A business is so much more than the simple sale of a good or service. There needs to be more articles out there for future small business owners to be properly prepared.

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