Rachael Scott at-computer21

Writer & Researcher in Seattle, WA

Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management


Consider this your portal to a world of worded possibilities. This site is complete with writing samples on a variety of topics in a number of styles. Decide based on evidence rather than claims if I am the right candidate for your writing and research project.

I am a talented and creative lifelong writer, and experienced analytical researcher. Styles of writing include creative essays, poems, and business research proposals. I have investigated and reported on a myriad of topics, primarily relating to human interests, and strategic business solutions. My body of work encompasses personal artistic expression, academic assignments and professional projects. I excel independently as well as integrated into a high performance team.

Business & Technical

  • Work with managers and business partners as a strategic planner
  • Write internal communications, handbooks and manuals
  • Conduct research and produce reports to meet business goals
  • Creative and methodical process analysis and restructuring
  • Superb client care and team development skills
  • Create powerful creative content and marketing material


Contact me directly for complete work history, academic qualifications and list of professional references.



  1. Hi Rachel,

    I read your article on Business Strategy and found it interesting. just thought to drop a line to appreciate.



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