Creative Writing

Essays – Creative essays, articles and narratives:

Chickens in the City – This resource article observes a trend in Seattle toward keeping pet chickens in the backyard.

Growing Our Own Food: Old practice new again – This article looks at a trend in sustainability toward small subsistence farming practices in rural and urban western Washington. Local mom profiled.

A Summer’s Happening at Joyful Heart Community Lake – A short story about a group of teenagers and their misdeeds.

Whole Body Cleanse – This how-to piece offers practical advise for natural cleansing and weight loss.

Palirexia – A farcical diatribe about Sarah Palin (Submission took Wit of the Week Award at

Palinitis – Another witty ruse re: Palin

Foster Child: What it means to be a pawn in the game of life – Story about a young boy taken from his foster family and sisters to live with the biological father he’s never known.

Beer in the Park with a Retired Male Gynecologist – A witty story about a funny Russian hobo I met while living abroad.


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