Business Writing

Report Development

  • Get answers to strategic questions as you develop your business.
  • Primary data collection: Work independently or as part of a team to gather raw data using quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Secondary data collection: Industry specific databases
  • Data to information analysis: Use Excel and SQL reporting to turn data into statistical information, charts and graphs; and create comprehensive, articulate summaries.

Internal Communications

  • Employee handooks – Professionally crafted, legally compliant handbooks for any industry. Designed and written to meet your company’s needs.
  • Corporate newsletters – Stylized to meet print and/or online publishing requirements.
  • Memorandums – Update policies, processes and other important information within an organization.


  • Technical manuals – Work side by side with experts to complete the writing portions of professional technical manuals, or write to a general audience.
  • Process manuals – Detailed, easy to understand language to guide readers through complicated assembly, IT related processes or internal company procedure/process requirements.


  • HTML proficient
  • Comfortable working with numerous site design programs and online interfaces
  • Experienced blogger
  • Value-added content writing (key words, categories, tags, phrases, pings etc.)

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